We are pleased to announce that the Second Edition of the workshop
“Innovative Materials for Energy“ IME 2020 will take place on December 2nd , 2020 (CET 15.00), with a full-online format. The workshop is the result of the synergy between the organizing institutions, represented by the Prof. Giovanna d’Angelo from University of Messina, Prof. Giulia Grancini from University of Pavia and Dr. Francesco Bonaccorso from BeDimensional.
The event will be structured as a condensed list of invited seminars, starting with
the inaugural talk by Prof. Michael Graetzel from EPFL, widely known as a
pioneer in the field of modern solar cells, recipient of several prestigious prizes for
his achievements. Among the confirmed invited speakers we highlight the
presence of Prof. Jinsong Huang from University of North Carolina, Associate
Director of CHOISE, Prof. Emmanuel Kymakis, from Hellenic Mediterranean
University, Vice-President of HMU Research Center, Dr. Monica Lira-Cantu,
group leader at ICN2-CSIC in Barcelona. We are glad to announce the
participation of italian standing-out contributors, as Prof. Aldo Di Carlo from
University of Tor-Vergata, Director of CNR-ISM, and Dr. Annalisa Bruno Senior
Scientist at the Energy Research Institute of Nanyang Technological University, in
Singapore. The talks will be followed by a round table, an important moment of
discussion about the most recent advances of perovskite solar cells and modules.