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Workgroup on functional materials for electrochemical devices


Piercarlo Mustarelli is Associate Professor of Physical Chemistry at the University of Pavia. He is Responsible of the NMR Laboratory at "Centro Grandi Strumenti" of the University of Pavia, and leader of the Thin Films Laboratory at the Department of Physical Chemistry. His main fields of interest are: application of solid state NMR spectroscopy to the materials; ii) physico-chemical, structural and transport properties of polymer electrolytes for lithium batteries and fuel cells; iii) silica-based materials for sensing and photonics; iv)  biomaterials. He is Author or co-Author of more than 130 publications on international journals, and of more than 250 communications at both national and international Conferences.



Recent papers of the group


1.         C. Leonelli, G. Lusvardi, M. Montorsi, M.C. Menziani, L. Menabue, P. Mustarelli, L. Linati, Influence of small additions of Al2O3 on the properties of the Na2O-3SiO2 glasses, J. Phys. Chem., 105 (2001) 919-927.

2.         A. Magistris, P. Mustarelli, F. Parazzoli, E. Quartarone, P. Piaggio, A. Bottino, Structure, porosity and conductivity of PVdF films for polymer electrolytes, J. Power Sources, 97-8 (2001) 657-660.

3.         P. Mustarelli, C. Tomasi, A. Magistris, L. Linati, Carriers density and mobility in AgI:AgPO3 glasses: a NMR study, Phys. Rev. B, 63 (14), 4203 (2001).

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5.         T. Tadic, M. Jaksic, Z. Medunic, E. Quartarone, P. Mustarelli, Microbeam studies of polymer interfaces with Li anode and spinel cathode for Li ion battery applications using PIGE and PIXE spectroscopy, Nucl. Instrum.& Methods B, 181 (2001) 404-407.

6.         C. Tomasi, P. Mustarelli, A. Magistris, M.P. Infante Garcia, Electric, thermodynamic and NMR evidence of anomalies in (x)AgI (1-x)AgPO3 glasses, J. Non-Cryst. Solids, 293 (2001) 785-791.

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14.       M. Cutroni, A. Mandanici, P. Mustarelli, C. Tomasi, Conductivity dynamical response in (AgI)x(AgPO3)1-x  glasses, Solid State Ionics 154-155 (2002) 713-717.

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16.       D. Capsoni, M. Bini, G. Chiodelli, P. Mustarelli, V. Massarotti, C.B. Azzoni, M.C. Mozzati, L. Linati, Inhibition of Jahn-Teller cooperative distortion in LiMn2O4 spinel by Ga+ doping, J. Phys. Chem., 106 (2002) 7432-7438.

17.       P. Ghigna, P. Mustarelli, C. Tomasi, E. Quartarone, M. Scavini, A Speghini and M. Bettinelli, A combined NMR and XAFS study on the local structure of Ge and Pb in PbO - GeO2 glasses and their relationships with thermal properties and devitrification products, J. Phys. Chem. B, 106 (2002) 9802-9809.

18.       Y. Saito, H. Kataoka, E. Quartarone, P. Mustarelli, Carrier migration mechanism of physically cross-linked polymer gel electrolytes based on PVDF membranes, J. Phys. Chem. B, 106 (2002) 7200-7204.

19.       L. Barbieri, A. Corradi, I. Lancellotti, C. Leonelli, C. Siligardi, P. Mustarelli, C. Tomasi, Glass formation and devitrification in K2O-ZrO2-SiO2 system, Phys. Chem. Glasses, 43c (2002) 462-465.

20.       S. Agnello, A. Cannizzo, M. Cannas, S. Grandi, P. Mustarelli, Sol-gel GeO2-doped SiO2 glasses for optical applications, J. Sol-Gel Sci. Technol. 26 (2003) 915-918.

21.       M. Scavini, L. Mollica, R. Bianchi, G.A. Costa, M.Ferretti, P.Mele, A. Ubaldini, P. Ghigna, L. Malavasi and P. Mustarelli, Characterisation of Al defects in SmBa2Cu3-xAlxO6+d superconductor, Int J Mod Phys B 17 (2003) 936.

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24.       A. Anedda, C.M. Carbonaro, F. Clemente, R. Corpino, S. Grandi, P. Mustarelli, A. Magistris,  OH-dependence of ultraviolet emission in porous silica, Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids 322(1-3) (2003) 68-72.

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30.       E. Blazquez, P. Mustarelli, D. Pasini, P.P. Righetti, C. Tomasi, Polyethylene Glycol-Based Cyclopolymers as Novel Materials for Lithium Ion Battery Applications, Journal of Materials Chemistry, 14(16) (2004) 2524-2529.

31.       S. Grandi, C. Tomasi, P. Mustarelli, A. Dossena, and G. Cecchet, Thermal and Structural Study on Densification of Rare-Earth Doped PbO-SiO2 Aerogels, Thermochimica Acta    418(1-2) (2004),117-122. 

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35.       L. Linati, G. Lusvardi, G. Malavasi, L. Menabue, M.C. Menziani, P. Mustarelli, U. Segre, Qualitative and Quantitative Structure-Property Relationships (QSPR) analysis of multicomponent potential bioglasses, Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 109 (2005) 4989-4998. 

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49.       F. Messina, M. Cannas, R. Boscaino, S. Grandi, P. Mustarelli, Optical absorption induced by UV laser radiation in Ge-doped amorphous silica probed by in situ spectroscopy, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Preprint Archive, Condensed Matter  (2007) 1-4, arXiv:cond-mat/0703065.

50.       A. Anedda, C.M. Carbonaro, R. Corpino, P.C. Ricci, S. Grandi, P. Mustarelli, Formation of fluorescent aggregates in Rhodamine 6G doped silica glasses, Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids  (2007),  353(5-7),  481-485.

51.       E. Quartarone, P. Mustarelli, S. Grandi, F. Marabelli, E. Bontempi, Effects of the deposition parameters on the growth of ultrathin and thin SiO2 films, Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology, A: Vacuum, Surfaces, and Films (2007), 25(3), 485-491.

52.       E. Quartarone, A. Carollo, C. Tomasi, F. Belotti, S. Grandi, P. Mustarelli, A. Magistris, Relationships between microstructure and transport properties of proton-conducting porous PVDF membranes, Journal of Power Sources 168(1) (2007) 126-134. 

53.       Elena Selli, Gian Luca Chiarello, Eliana Quartarone, Piercarlo Mustarelli, Ilenia Rossetti and Lucio Forni, A photocatalytic water splitting device for separate hydrogen and oxygen evolution, Chemical Communications 47 (2007) 5022–5024.

54.       Laura Linati, Gigliola Lusvardi, Gianluca Malavasi, Ledi Menabue, M. Cristina  Menziani, Piercarlo Mustarelli, Alfonso Pedone and Ulderico Segre, Medium range order in phospho-silicate bioactive glasses: insights from MAS-NMR spectra, chemical durability experiments and molecular dynamics simulations, Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids 354 (2008) 84–89.



Group expertises and experiecnce


Materials synthesis

Sol-gel (xerogels, aerogels, supercritical drying)

Solid-state reaction

Thin films deposition (RF sputtering, spin coating)

Atmosphere-controlled wet chemistry



Solid-state NMR

Thermal analysis (DSC, MDSC, Hi-Res TGA, DSC/TGA)

Impedance spectroscopy, cyclic voltammetry

IR spectroscopy



X-rays diffraction



Active research projects


MUR-FISR 2001 “Development of new materials and demonstration of prototypes for polymer fuel cells”

MUR FIRB 2005 “Thin film Lithium microbatteries for electronic labeling and physical parameters sensing of foods”

CARIPLO 2005 “Formation of young researchers in the field of polymer and solid oxide fuel cells”

Lombardy Region 2006 “From materials science to biomedicine”

CARIPLO 2006 “Electrolytes for lithium batteries based on ionic liquids”

CARIPLO 2007 “New electrolyte membranes for polymer fuel cells based on polybenzimidazole”






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